MKS Sylvan Touring NextPolished aluminum cage, 4-screwed, 3-fold industrial bearings for optimum wear resistance. More info & order
HeadlightmountSimple but effective mounting for your headlight on the front of your fender. Make sure the headlight is light, otherwise it will wobble. Think of the Eyc from Busch and Muller. More info & order
Lumotec IQ-X100 lux, with daytime bicycle light. Extremely good and homogeneous IQ-X light beam to the front and the sides, with cooling for alu housing, with screw-on reflector, additional light beams on the side, ON/OFF button is illuminated blue, special holder with joints and with integrated cable routing for mounting on the front fork, aluminum More info & order
Rear light USB rechargeableClassical and compact design Uses high-quality steel Versatile micro USB Type-C rechargeable The light body and pedestal are screw type, so you can easily remove them by turning them around. Includes M5 and M6 size bolts and washers respectively It can be installed in various places depending on the idea by using the attached bolts. More info & order
GrandBois Lierre 650×36B Route ForestiereA new variant of the classic GrandBois tire, namely the Lierre is now available. Based on the extra-legger model, an anti-puncture layer has been added to the tire so you can hit the road with a little less sticking. By the way, we ride surprisingly few punctures with the light version so it only gets better. Whereas; it combines the same weight and comfort as the standard model but with high durability for riding on dirt roads deep in the mountains according to GrandBois. Made in Japan at Panaracer. Weight 380g/RF More info & order
GrandBois Hetre 650x42B Route ForrestiereA new variant of the classic Grand Bois tire Hetre is now available. Based on the extra-loyal model, a side-cut and puncture-resistant carcass has been added all around. It has the same weight and comfort as the standard model, but combines high durability for safe riding on unpaved forest roads deep into the mountains. r made in Japan at Panaracer Weight: 420g/RF More info & order
Grepp REUSABLE HANDLEBAR TAPEThe Gripper is the lumberjack among handlebar tapes. A strong and relentless worker who can take a beating or two without getting upset for no reason. Someone who knows the magic of nature and deeply cares about it. Stylish without rubbing it into everybody's face. It's a friend you notice most when absent. What’s included in the package? 2x 3m-long rolls of premium cloth handlebar tape 2x slick expander-type bar end plugs, 22 mm. Planet-friendly. For that extra peace of conscience. The Gripper is your companion with Viking heritage and not a disposable item, making it the most planet-friendly handlebar tape on the market. It was designed in the Nordics and is woven in Sweden, where we care much about keeping our nature intact. Instead of the usual adhesive tape, it features natural rubber threads on the bottom side that keep it in place on your handlebars. The adhesive-free design increases the tape's life-cycle: Once it feels a bit tired, you can give it a nice spa treatment. Simply remove it residual-free, give it a ride in your washer, and reuse. Plus: We invest much time and effort to ensure a traceable supply chain. Most of what's included in the package is produced in Europe. More info & order
Blacklight TL-06DThe original dynamo-powered tail light "Kimura TL06" from Grandbois has a built-in capacitor. The light stays on for about 5 minutes after stopping riding. The lights are powered by the hub dynamo, so you can keep riding without worrying about a dead battery. ・Kimura dynamo power supply type rear lamp LED single light type For 6V alternator ・Equipped with a capacitor ・Standlight function ( keeps shining even after the power supply is stopped) Comes with M5 perforated mounting bolts. It can be mounted on an M6 base, but expansion of mounting holes and M6 mounting bolts are required separately.More info & order
Crankset TAThe iconic Spécialités T.A. Pro 5 crankset. Hand forged in France. Machined and polished. Features vintage decal and authentic dust cap. Compatible with standard square ISO bottom brackets. Single, double or triple gear mounting.More info & order
Wera 9 piece allen setAllen wrench set of 9 parts, 1.5mm to 10mm in different colors. Hooked. with a ball head, which means that your socket screw remains stuck to the tool, super handy. More info & order
MKS 3000 R classic rubber block pedal MKS '3000 R' classic rubber block pedal 10cm wide, with reflectors, cone bearingMore info & order
Salsa Anything CageWith Salsa's Anything Cage, you can easily carry gear, like insulated Nalgene bottles, a small tent, or sleeping bag on your bicycle! This durable aluminum rack is designed for Salsa bicycles with their 3-hole high/low bottle mounts. It also attaches to standard bicycles with 2-hole bottle mounts simply by zip tying the rack's third foot. Cinching nylon straps are included for securing your items to the rack.More info & order