Velocity Cliffhanger We can't give you a warm blanket on a cold night, but we can give you a touring rim that won't leave you stranded. The Cliffhanger is the best tool for your next adventure. A travel companion that will never complain, give up, or use your last new tube. Strength comes first...short and stout sidewalls guard against pinch flats and denting from impacts: a pothole, a rocky descent, or dodging that rhino outside of Jakarta. A generous 25mm internal rim width allows more tire contact with the road which supports you and your gear more safely and comfortably than conventional narrow rims. Tubeless is optional, though thin rim tape is required for best tire fit. Rim Size: 700c Width: 30mm Height: 21.6mm Optimal Tire Width: 45mm - 65mm Tire Interface: Clincher / Tubeless Valve: Presta 32 - 40mm Bead Seat Diameter (BSD): 622 Effective Rim Diameter (ERD): 597 Weight: 675g Machined Sidewall Drillings/Colors:More info & order
Rigida Ryde Andra 30 584mmIt is one of the most used rims for travel bikes and proves time after time that it is almost indestructible! SHAPE - double wall JOINT - pin TIRE USE - tube HOOK TYPE - crotchet BRAKE TYPE - rim brake WEIGHT RIM BRAKE - 718 ERD (MM) - 535 MECHINICAL TREATMENT - CNC CHEMICAL TREATMENT - powder coated black SPOKE HOLES - 32 VALVE HOLE Ø 6,5 (MM) MAX. SPOKE TENSION 1400(N) TIRE WIDTH (MM) 28-57 AXLE LOAD (KG) max 120More info & order
Pacenti Brevet Velg van de meester Pacenti. Met 'smart box rim styling', oftewel afgeronde kanten om de spaakspanning beter te managen. Je kunt em zowel met als zonder tube gebruiken. Excellente gravelvelg in 650b en 700c. Boxvelg noemen ze deze ook wel. Designed in de US of A Voor draadbanden gewicht 435g +/- 15g Construction Welded Materiaal Aluminium 6061 Tubless ready Yes Internal width 19mm External width 23mm Rim Height 15mm ERD 574mm Max tension 1225 N / 125 KGFMore info & order
H+Son Archetype Specs: • G609 alloy • 700c • clincher • machined side wall • 25mm deep • 23mm wide • 595mm ERD • welded joint • 450gMore info & order
Velo Orange VoyagerThe Voyager rim is a high shiny, polished, tubeless-compatible box rim. Made to cater to the most demanding cyclist. With RVS eyelts and the 'double wall' construction, it meets that demand easily. De rim fits tires starting from 38mm. Intended Tire Size: 38mm-2.4" External Width: 27mm Internal Width: 22.1mm ERD: 26": 541.7mm | 650b: 565mm | 700c: 601.4mm Weight: 26": 576g | 650b: 597g | 700c: 638g Drilling: 32 and 36 holes Tubeless Compatibility: Tubeless compatible Brake Compatibility: Rim and Disc Velo Orange recommends a max weight of 115kg for the rims.More info & order
Velo Orange EnterpriseThe Enterprise is a polished, box section rim with stainless steel eyelets, and a classic look. 700c only. Available with 32 or 36 holes. Intended Tire Size: 25-38mm External Width: 22mm Internal Width: 16.3mm ERD: 700c: 605.2mm Weight: 700c: 530g Drilling: 700c: 32 or 36 holes Tubeless Compatibility: Not tubeless compatible We recommend not exceeding 90-110 kg for these rims. More info & order
Grand Bois Abeille 700cDe Abeille velg van GrandBois is smaller dan de Papillion. te weten 19mm breedt. Hoogte 18mm. Gewicht 465gr. In de klassieke stijl van GrandBois.More info & order
Grand Bois Papillon In 700c en 650b. Breedte 23mm, 16mm hoog. Weer een klassieker van GrandBois. Gepolijst, eyelets. 650b: 490 gram 700c: 520 gram mooi op je randonneur.More info & order
Grand Bois PAPILLON VintageEen papillon velg in vintage stijl zonder eyelets. Het oppervlak is glanzend gepolijst, de spaakplaatjes van roestvrij staal zijn roestbestendig en de zeer stijve dubbelwandige structuur maakt het een keistijve velg die ook wordt aanbevolen voor tandem- en vakantiefietsen Franse ventiel. In 700c en 650b. De klassieke look komt van de velg "MEPHISTO" uit de jaren 50. De originele "MEPHISTO / ABLOCS" was een meesterwerk van vakmanschap met een buizenstructuur met balsa, maar door deze te vervangen door een moderne dubbelwandige structuur werd de rand stijver dan het origineel. Het is niet alleen perfect voor het restaureren van oude Franse fietsen, maar ook voor andere fraaie rijwielen, gemaakt met vintage onderdelen.More info & order
Velocity Atlas 650bAtlas 650b This is the Atlas. It is so strong it can hold up the world. Or it can hold up all of your touring gear. Specs Rim Size: 650b Width: 25.4mm Height: 18mm Optimal Tire Width: 28mm - 45mm Tire Interface: Clincher Valve: Presta 32 - 40mm Bead Seat Diameter (BSD): 584 Effective Rim Diameter (ERD): 569 Weight: 590g Non-Machined Sidewall Drillings/Colors:More info & order
H+SON TB14The H+Son TB14 rim (700c Black MSW) was inspired by the classic aesthetics of rims from the era when steel frames ruled competitive cycling and benefits from contemporary improvements in rim manufacture and profile design. From sourcing double eyelets to crafting new moulds for the valve badge and its hardware, H+Son dedicated neurotic attention and careful detail to every aspect of this rim. The pairing of a 23mm wide profile with a 23mm tire is fast becoming the industry standard for competitive road cycling. The wider rim adds stiffness and gives a profile that resembles a tubular tire. The advantage of this rim/tire profile can be felt immediately when taking corners as the tire is no longer shaped like a light bulb, flopping over with high loads. The TB14 is made with the stiffer and stronger G609 aluminium alloy and features our unique and invisible welded joint. Rims are anodized after machining. • G609 alloy • 700c • clincher • machined side wall • 14.1mm deep • 23mm wide • 610mm ERD • welded joint • 490gMore info & order