Nitto S-92Elegant, strong and lightweight. Specifications: Seat post diameter: 27.2mm. Seat post length: 350mm. Weight - 350g (27.2mm, 350mm length). Offset: Zero. Made in Japan. Based on traditional technology, Nitto develops and manufactures their own products such as handlebar & stem, seat post, camping rack, bike stand, etc. by using metal tube processing, welding and polishing.More info & order
IRD seatpost WaybackA seatpost designed to help enhance seat adjustability on either saddles with very short rails or frames that are a little too small. Allows your saddle to be set back 50mm...almost 2 inches. A good seatpost for Brooks, which have shorter clamping area on its rails. NOTE: Published lengths are the length of the SHAFT ONLY. So length to the rails is actually LONGER by about50mm. So the 250mm size is actually 300mm long (to where the saddle rails cradle on the rocker piece). The 300mm size is actually 350mm long. - Aluminum head and rocker - Single bolt design - Tange Prestige CrMo shaft - 250 or 300mm long - Black or silver anodized - Wt.: 420g (250mm) - ONLY in 27.2mm and 26.8mm OD presently More info & order
Nitto SP72Seat Post NITTO Approved NJS for KEIRIN Pro. Aluminium forged, Fixation by two bolts, diameter 27.2mm, Length 250mm, Offset 22mm, Rail wide 44mm, 290gMore info & order
Velo Orange Grand Cru Long setback SeatpostThis seatpost has quite a genereous setback of 30mm, among the longest ever. The seatpost is internally ovalised to reduce the weight to 301 grams. The adjustment is from the bottom, and the 2-bolt design makes it easy to precisely adjust the seat angle. 27.2mm x 300mm only. The maximum height is 230mm. Available in black and silver.More info & order
Velo Orange Grand Cru Zero Setback SeatpostThis zero setback seatpost is ideal for MTBs and bike packing riders for its strength and ease of adjustment. The seatpost is internally ovalised for weight reduction, and the head is intergral with the post. This makes for a super strong and light perch. All adjustment is simply done with a 5mm wrench, to the side of the clamping mechanism. 27.2mm x 400mm. Maximum height is about 300mm. Weighs 295 gr. Available in black and silver.More info & order
Nitto S-83■FORGED ALUMINUM ■POST DIAM./φ27.2mm ■OFFSET/23mm ■LENGTH/300mm ■WEIGHT/300g ■COLOR/SILVER ANODIZEDMore info & order
NITTO S-65Forged anodized aluminum seatpost. Rake 14mm, diameter 27.2mm, There are many imitations of this. Go for the real thing...More info & order