Growtac Equal Brakes

These Equal Disc Brakes from Growtac provide excellent modulation and power with a compact and lightweight design - perfect for your gravel, touring, or all-road bike.

In testing, we've found that the modulation is predictable, the caliper and system stiffness is confidence-inspiring, and the lever feel is natural and comfortable - offering superior performance compared to most other mechanical disc brake calipers on the market.

Equal brakes are developed and manufactured in Japan.

Cable Pull: Road, short pull
Weight per caliper: 138g
Pad Actuation: Single piston
Japanese-made cables and housing included!
What's included in the box:

2x Growtac Equal Post Mount Brake Calipers
2x road brake cables
2x mtb brake cables
2x compressionless housing (stiff)
2x non-compressionless housing (flexy)
Bunch of housing endcaps
Mounting hardware for the rear brake

For replacement pads, you can use Shimano K04, K03, and K05S-RX pads. You'll want to retain the Growtac pad assembly bolt, though, as that is unique to the Growtac calipers.
Silver: € 0,00