Bottom bracket italian threadAxle type: JIS Axle diameter: 36 mm Contents: Bottom bracket and crank boltsMore info & order
IRD Bottom Bracket Conversion Cups PairConversion cups for Swiss treatMore info & order
Eccentric English Threaded Bottom Bracket, 24mmGot a bike with vertical dropouts but want to run it singlespeed? Convert that "regular" rig to a singlespeed with our new Eccentric Bottom Bracket, and get to spinning! Made from single-block CNCed aluminum, these bottom brackets are designed to be used with any 24mm spindle, 2-piece cranksets, such as Shimano Hollowtech II, FSA, SRAM GXP, and many others. Includes spacers to dial in pre-load, a GXP shim, a wave washer for the arm spindle side, and a tool that doubles as a chain tensioner / lockring wrench.More info & order
IRD Bottom Bracket Tenacity QB-40 - JISCup and cone bearings with polished races. Retro yes, but these balls are bigger than those in sealed cartridge bearings, so they will work longer and handle more load. - JIS square taper interface - CNC machined steel cups - SS41 steel lockring - Polished ball races on cups and axle - 1/4”x 11 ball retainers - 1.37 x 24tpi (English threading) - For 68mm wide shells Made in JapanMore info & order
TA AXIX bottombracketTapered, or in other words, square bottom brackets. In my opinion still "the best. And especially these simple ones. 2 cups, 1 axle and 2 bearings. The axle is made of CroMo. A good alloy with optimum price and weight. More info & order
French Threaded Bottom BracketKeep your old French bike on the road! Sealed, cartridge bearings for simplicity and longevity Classic square taper design JIS taper - works with most cranks Hollow, boron steel axle Aluminum cups 258g (110mm length) Spindles are available in a variety of lengths to fit most cranksets Includes crank bolts Generally it is the crank model that determines spindle length, so check what spindle length the crank manufacturer recommends or measure your old BB. If between sizes, it's usually wise to choose the longer.More info & order
Threadless bottombracket threadlessbottombracket so fits the strangest bottom bracket lugs like French, Italian, Swiss, because wireless. 127mm long. The left cone clamps the bottom bracket in place. The solution for situations where the thread is worn out and a shaft is still needed. More info & order