Bon Jon Pass - 700C x 35The Bon Jon Pass from René Herse Cycles, formerly known as Compass Cycles, sounds like a nice versatile tire. With its 700C x 35 mm size, it is perfect for bikes with a little extra room, right in between the Stampede Pass and Barlow Pass. This tire seems to be made for a specific cycling experience, especially on fairly smooth gravel roads with moderate inclines, such as those found on the Olympic Peninsula. A notable feature seems to be its performance on asphalt. The wider width and lower pressure translate to better cornering and smoother handling, especially on surfaces such as so-called "chip seal. The tire's compatibility with tubeless setups adds to its appeal, giving cyclists options to reduce punctures and generally improve performance. It is interesting to note that the brand has rebranded itself from Compass Cycles to René Herse Cycles, although it appears there is still some overlap in terminology on the website and product branding. This consolidation may streamline the brand identity in the future. All in all, the Bon Jon Pass sounds like a solid choice for cyclists looking for a tire that balances performance on a variety of surfaces and terrain types.More info & orderNew
SpeedhubRohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 CC DB More info & orderNew
Crankset TAThe iconic Spécialités T.A. Pro 5 crankset. Hand forged in France. Machined and polished. Features vintage decal and authentic dust cap. Compatible with standard square ISO bottom brackets. Single, double or triple gear mounting.More info & orderNew
French Threaded Bottom BracketKeep your old French bike on the road! Sealed, cartridge bearings for simplicity and longevity Classic square taper design JIS taper - works with most cranks Hollow, boron steel axle Aluminum cups 258g (110mm length) Spindles are available in a variety of lengths to fit most cranksets Includes crank bolts Generally it is the crank model that determines spindle length, so check what spindle length the crank manufacturer recommends or measure your old BB. If between sizes, it's usually wise to choose the longer.More info & orderBack in stock
Nitto M-18Front carrier Cr-Mo tube Ni-chrome silver, Black, 26", 27". Fixation on fork adjustable. Included attachments, stay and bolt-nuts. More info & orderBack in stock
DiaCompe downtube shifterFriction shifter on down tube. Per set.More info & orderBack in stock
Nitto S-83■FORGED ALUMINUM ■POST DIAM./φ27.2mm ■OFFSET/23mm ■WEIGHT/300g ■COLOR/SILVER ANODIZEDMore info & orderBack in stock
Minoura frontrack MT 4000sfRobuust voorrek wat zo ongeveer alles kan dragen wat je erop bindt. Bevestiging op de snelsluiter (zit erbij) en aan de nokken van je V-brakes. De mogelijkheid om tassen aan de lowriders te hangen. Tis een stalen drager en weegt 1.5 kg. Laadgewicht is 10 kg.More info & orderBack in stock
Loose2x Grand Bois Papillon rim - 650b - 32 holes - silver ( 1x Randonneur Front Rack, Cantilever - silver ( 1x Velo Orange Nouveau Randonneur Handlebar - 46cm - Silver ( info & order
OilersThese Cable Oilers are designed to be fitted to both gear and brake cables to make maintenance super quick and easy. Regular cleaning and lubrication will improve gear and brake function, and greatly increase your cable lifespan. By moving the O ring out of the groove and along the outer cable they allow your inner cables to be easily cleaned and lubricated using and aerosol dispensed lube such as WD40 or GT85. Rolling the O ring back onto the oiler seals the lubricating hole. 2.2mm hole for 2mm tubes. Very light at 1 gram each.More info & order
Nitto CAMPEE FrontIn the dynamic world of cycling, where every pedal stroke tells a story and every road carries an adventure, this front carrier introduces a new chapter in the saga of travel on two wheels. A true alchemist who transforms the gravel paths into golden routes of delight, this rack provides a stage for the traveler to thrive in his wanderings. With its sturdy construction and robust design, this rack is ready to take on the challenges of any journey, whether braving the rugged gravel roads of the backcountry or exploring the cobblestone streets of a quaint village. It provides not only a place to carry your luggage, but also a sense of freedom and independence that is essential for the modern traveler. ●Hollow steel ●Maximum load: 16 kg ●For 700c ●Mounting hole lamp holder: M5 ●Bracket for cantilever brake base included ●Fixing screws included ●L295 x B240 x H490mm ●Bottom plate: L200 x B95mm ●1.185kgMore info & order
Gravelking Slick 48-584For those who want to push the limits on their two-wheelers and venture onto trails that are a little too wild for a standard road tire, the GravelKings were created. The GravelKing SK is exactly what you expect from a tire suitable for gravel. There is no defined terrain for which it is intended. It is designed to excel on any kind of surface and to impress even when the demands are as diverse as the gravel scene itself. The compactly placed studs on the tread provide excellent grip with minimal rolling resistance. The long studs on the shoulders provide much-needed grip when cornering quickly on gravel paths and asphalt. A balanced rubber compound for durability and grip, an anti-puncture casing for puncture protection and a special casing construction make the GravelKing series tires perfect for any adventure. And let's take a look at the technologies these tires incorporate: TLC (Tubeless Compatible): Allows you to use the tires even without inner tubes, just with sealant. Anti-Flat (Anti-Flat Casing): This reinforces the entire tire to increase resistance to punctures. ZSG Natural (Zero Slip Grip Natural Compound): This rubber compound offers extremely low rolling resistance and long life. AX-Alpha (Advanced Extra Alpha Cord): Thin wires are tightly woven into the carcass, making the tire resistant to cuts without the weight and flex Translated with (free version)More info & order