SV-8This QR type hub is ideally suited to 20” wheel at 6V3W output or 26”/700C wheel at 6V2.4W output. It is perfect for rim brake. The model is designed for 20” wheel at a 6V3W rating. It is also ready for use with 26”/700C wheel at 6V2.4W outputs. After the speed reaches 15km/h, SV-8 (for 26”/700C) output is almost the same as 6V3W hub. Therefore, SV-8 offers sufficient power for racers during the races.More info & order
SD-8This QR type hub is ideally suited to 20” wheel at 6V3W output or 26”/700C wheel at 6V2.4W output and perfect for 6 bolt disc brake. The intelligent design element runs from the interior to the exterior. It is perfect combination of concept, technology and craft. The hub body was engineered based on two hub shells that rely on an intelligent joining construction, which enables the hub to withstand the hefty stresses produced by disc brakes, while preserving a simple, clean and pure appearance.More info & order
Granola-Moose BarThe Granola-Moose is a beautiful one-piece bar and stem combo. It's based on our popular Granola Bar and features an integrated 1 1/8" clamp for threadless steerers. This integrated design makes for a truly buttoned up and streamlined appearance on your city, touring, or mountain bike. Made from 4130 chromoly steel, this bar has a bunch of details that really makes it special. The steel is heat-treated, the tubing of the bar has multiple butting profiles, the front cross bar is slightly flattened for your lights and/or gizmos, and the system has been tested to stringent MTB standards. All in all, the Granola-Moose makes for a fun, unique, and comfortable upright handlebar. Width: 660mm Sweep: 60° Grip length: 170mm Rise/drop: 33mm Steerer clamp diameter: designed for 1 1/8" threadless stems or with 1" adaptor Grip diameter: 22.2mm Stem length equivalent: 100mm Cross bar diameter: 22.2mm Weight: 926gMore info & order
Fender ReinforcementsWith the proliferation of off-road touring and gravel bikes, we have started including these fender re-inforcements with all of our alloy fendersets. Just peel and stick under the screw during installation - one under the seat stay bridge and one under the fork crown. Available in 30 and 40mm widths. Sold as pairs.More info & order
Narrow-Wide 1x Chainring, 110bcdThis 42 tooth chainring features a narrow-wide profile for excellent chain retention to be used on cranks with a 110 bcd. The ring also has a nicely polished silver finish. BCD (Bolt Circle Diameter): 110 Chainring width: 3/32", for up to 11 speed chains Material: Aluminum alloy Weight: 87g Note: if you're converting a double crankset into a single, you'll likely need single ring bolts.More info & order
MKS GAMMAFollowing the success of the LAMBDA commuter pedal, MKS has continued to collaborate with the Rivendell Bicycle Works and has co-developed the GAMMA gravel and mixed surface pedal. The GAMMA is built around the proven pedal body used on the LAMBDA, paired with a new step block that has been designed in close partnership with Rivendell Bicycle Works. Retaining a similar profile shape to the LAMBDA- consisting of an elongated double-sided step block that’s narrow enough to handle corners. We have "squared off" the pedal, reduced the stack height (lowered the overall height), and added 32 replaceable anti-slip grip pins to proved an outstanding hold on a remarkably stable pedal. The GAMMA is available in two colors, shot blasted natural aluminum or shot blasted black paint. More info & order
MKS SeahorseThe pedal body was designed with an eye for beauty, keeping in mind the smooth curves. The product name "Seahorse" was inspired by the image of those curves. ・The body is offset forward 5mm from the center of the pedal shaft. The ball of the thumb sits well in the front of the step, providing a sense of unity when pedaling. ・The Circular and rectangular molded lugs give fantastic grip while minimizing damage to the soles of shoes. ・The pair weighs 15g less than the "IC-LITE" while retaining a wide tread of 72mm x 92mm. It fits a variety of sports bikes, such as hybrid bikes and road bikes. ・There are 4.3 x 25 mm holes on the sides to allow pedal straps to be threaded through. ・The color can be selected from chic black or silver, which reflects light beautifully on the curved surface. ・Press-fit reflectors are placed in the front and rear to increase the visibility of bicyclists at night.More info & order
MKS Sylvan Road Next The Sylvan Road is built around a compact pedal body and features a single-sided one-piece cage plate that is curved around the end cap of the pedal, that allows for more clearance when cornering than the Sylvan touring while protecting the axle. The cage plate tooth profile is essentially flat, so we recommend toe clips and straps with this pedal. The Sylvan Road Next is the first major upgrade to our popular Sylvan Road . The Sylvan Next is our new premium level of pedals that maintains the Sylvan’s traditional styling while reducing the pedal weight by 24 grams. Sylvan NEXT pedals use our Triple Sealed Cartridge Bearings- providing a remarkably smooth and maintenance-free rotation at a lighter weight than cup and cone bearings. The low drag bearing improves pedaling efficiency, making the NEXT series ideal for long distance riding Sylvan NEXT pedals use screws to fasten the plate to the pedal body making them replaceable- or customizable. To match the improved performance, we have upgraded the finish of the Sylvan NEXT pedals. The Sylvan NEXT is available in high polish chrome plated mirror finish on the axle, pedal body, or chrome plated axle with black pedal body.The highly polished chrome plated spindle has extremely strong anti-corrosive qualities, providing enhanced durability to salt and water. The Sylvan Road NEXT is available with our patented Ezy Superior quick release pedal system, known as the Sylvan Road NEXT Ezy Superior. Once installed, the Ezy Superior system allows for safe, rapid, and toolless removal of pedals for travel, storage, or flexibility. Particularly popular as an upgrade for folding bicycles, those who take their bikes on mass transit, or travel bikes with coupler systems our Ezy Superior system can dramatical improve ride quality while saving space. ※Do not dismantle the cartridge sealed bearings. These items are pre-adjusted and maintenance free. ※Do not inject lubricant into cartridge sealed bearings. Lubrication fluid stimulates grease leakage and shortens the bearing lifespan. ※The dust seal cap also functions as the bearing adjuster. If you loosen the cap, it may cause play and premature wear. More info & order
Shimano SL-R400 shlifterShimano SL-R400 2/3x8-versteller. Onderbuisbevestiging. Om je toch een beetje gedateerde fiets weer gangbaar te maken.More info & order
Novatec hubs Aluminium 255 Gram P.C.D. 62mm. O.L.D. 120mm. Flange to flange 120mm. Axle 10x165mm More info & order
Elkskin Velo OrangeElk skin handlebar, width 7.5 cm, length 57 cm, sufficient for racing and hiking handlebars up to 48 cm wide. Pre-drilled and delivered with the necessary braid and needles for sewing. With illustrated instructions. Original, elegant and comfortable!More info & order
Velo Orange Straight Arms for Campeur RacksThese are straight arms that are compatible with our Campeur Racks. They're made from 7mm aluminum alloy rod and are 250mm in length. While they are designed for VO racks, they should work fine on Nitto's offerings as well. You may also need daruma hardware to connect these to your rack.More info & order