Grepp REUSABLE HANDLEBAR TAPEThe Gripper is the lumberjack among handlebar tapes. A strong and relentless worker who can take a beating or two without getting upset for no reason. Someone who knows the magic of nature and deeply cares about it. Stylish without rubbing it into everybody's face. It's a friend you notice most when absent. What’s included in the package? 2x 3m-long rolls of premium cloth handlebar tape 2x slick expander-type bar end plugs, 22 mm. Planet-friendly. For that extra peace of conscience. The Gripper is your companion with Viking heritage and not a disposable item, making it the most planet-friendly handlebar tape on the market. It was designed in the Nordics and is woven in Sweden, where we care much about keeping our nature intact. Instead of the usual adhesive tape, it features natural rubber threads on the bottom side that keep it in place on your handlebars. The adhesive-free design increases the tape's life-cycle: Once it feels a bit tired, you can give it a nice spa treatment. Simply remove it residual-free, give it a ride in your washer, and reuse. Plus: We invest much time and effort to ensure a traceable supply chain. Most of what's included in the package is produced in Europe. More info & order
Elkskin Velo OrangeElk skin handlebar, width 7.5 cm, length 57 cm, sufficient for racing and hiking handlebars up to 48 cm wide. Pre-drilled and delivered with the necessary braid and needles for sewing. With illustrated instructions. Original, elegant and comfortable!More info & order
Brooks BarplugBrooks Handlebar Cap Cambium. Brooks handlebar cap in Rubber from the Cambium series. Intended to be used in combination with handlebar tape. Delivery concerns 2 pieces. Color: Natural or BlackMore info & order
Handlebar end plugs BerthoudMade of full-grain cowhide like our saddles, these handlebar covers are a perfect addition to handlebars, mud flaps and, of course, saddles. They have a perfect fit thanks to a screwed silicone end cap. This version is also available in natural leather, black leather or brown leather. MTB = ø22.2 & Race ø24.More info & order
Berthoud bartapeThe handlebar tape is calfskin, soft and supple, for a wrinkle-free fit and a velvety feel. Like our leather saddles, the handlebars will develop a patina over time, darkening the most stressed areas. - 30mm tape width - Thickness in the middle approx. 2mm - Tape in the middle - Tapered edges for perfect overlap Supplied with instructions, Nikwax® impregnation cream to apply during assembly and stopper strips. Our bartape is supplied without end caps.More info & order
Barplug CNCPair of handlebar caps with machined and then anodized aluminum cap, leather finishing pad and our iconic engraved brass spacer, which can be found in our leather saddle range. Suitable for most handlebars (inner diameter of approximately 18 to 22 mm). Assembly with Torx 20 keyMore info & order
Newbauw Cotton BartapeNewbaum’s tape is made in the USA of US grown cotton and using eco-friendly dyes with a comfort and feel that is outstanding Adhesive backed for easy and secure wrapping - 1 Role is enough for 1 side of the handlebar, for a complete bar you need 2 roles (Unless you only want to cover the lower part of your dropbar). - Width 19mm, Length 304cmMore info & order
Newbaum Soft bartape Cotton- Made from milled cotton cloth - Neoprene underlayer dampens road vibrations - Adhesive backing - 1-1/4" x 7 ft roll Sold in INDIVIDUAL rolls. Order 2 if you want wrap both sides of a drop bar. Plugs and finishing tape not included.More info & order
Velox Tressostar 90Weergaloos! Het aloude, 100 % katoenen stuurlint van Velox uit ons eigenste Frankrijk. Nú in diverse kleuren te krijgen. Één rol voor één kant. Dus voor een compleet racestuur heb je 2 rollen nodig. Tressostar 90 is hét klassieke lintje voor om je racert. Sinds 1903 maakt velox fietsgerelateerde dingen. Waaronder het stuurlint. 2.60 m x 20 mm. 34 gram per paar! Made in france.More info & order
Samurai BartapeStuurlint... hoe spannend kan het zijn. Nou, dit is lint wat in Japan wordt vervaardigd, en oorspronkelijk werd gebruikt als omwikkeling voor de katana's van de ninja's en samurai. Da's een hele discipline in het verre oosten en wordt omgeven met cultus en specialigheden. Wij vonden het gewoon mooi. In regenboogkleuren, dus heel inclusief en competitief. 2 rolletjes van 300 cm x 1.8 cm gewicht per rol: 35 g met plakstrip katoen More info & order