Dia-Compe Cr-X Cantilever BlackCantilever brake in classic style. So they are incredibly wide, and with that they look the way you want your retro bike to shine. Brake bodies, triangle and cables are included. Material: cold forged aluminum Brake pad: CR-X pattern Weight: 140 g Including brake pads, cable triangleMore info & order
Grand Cru Long Reach BrakesetThe Grand Cru Long Reach (47-57mm) caliper brakes are super stiff, probably the stiffest long reach brakes ever made. In testing, we found these to outperform every other long reach brake and many short reach racing brakes that cost significantly more. The smooth, dual-pivot design offers superb modulation and power - very important on a steep mountain descent. There is even clearance for 45mm fenders! These are made in a small shop in Taiwan run by a former bike racer and engineer. The brake's finish is anodized and highly polished, so they'll look great for years to come. The included brake shoes come with high quality pads and take standard Shimano-type replacements. Wrench and a carbon fork mounting nut are included. 355gms per pair including shoes, pads, and nuts. Sold as a set, front and rear.More info & order
Tektro R540Brake - Road Collection ◆ Lightweight Design ◆ Dual Pivot Caliper Brake ◆ Quick Release Mechanism Standard Finish High Polish Silver or Black Anodized Material Forged Aluminum Arms Dimension 39 - 51 mm Pads P475 adjustable angle cartridge pads Weight 165 grams / wheelMore info & order
Brake MX806- Extra-long reach 57mm-75mm - Forged aluminum - Dual pivot caliper - Non-recessed bolt - Includes brake pads price is for or front or rear. To have a set buy 2More info & order
Tektro R559Brake - Road Collection ◆ Dual Pivot Caliper Brake ◆ Quick Release Designed For Big Tires ◆ With Quick Release Safety LockMore info & order
Nitto CablehangersKabelsstoppers voor aan de achterrem. Deze bevestig je doorgaans aan de zadelstropbout. (zie foto). In een paar uitvoeringen. More info & order
Dia-Compe brakehoodsDiaCompe 202/204 Covers voor je remgreep. In 3 kleuren. Wit (voor zolang het duurt), bruin en zwart. Betreft de NON-AERO versie. Dus met kabels bóvenuit. En komt per set. DiaCompe 165 in bruin en zwart. Is ook non-aero, met de kabels er bóven uit. En oogt nog klassieker dan bovenstaande 202/204. DiaCompe BL07 is er ook in bruin en zwart, maar een Aero uitvoering. Weer heel 'modern'...More info & order
Grand Bois Chouette centrepull rem 3642Remarkably, the centerpull brakes work surprisingly well. And we have great hopes for GrandBois' Chouette brakes, as they mount directly to the soldered-on lugs. We'll keep you posted... The design is "inspired" by the Mafac Raid. The brake is therefore suitable for somewhat wider tires. From 36 to 42mm it is a workable configuration.More info & order
Grand Bois brake cable ELUltieme gewichtsbesparing voor de afbouw van je fiets. 2000mm voor 55gram. komt op zo'n 1000 euro de kilo. Maar is het dubbel en dwars waard omdat de looks doorslaggevend zijn na het lage gewicht. More info & order
GrandBois Arch WireTja, weer zo'n product wat je zelden nodig hebt, maar áls... waar haal je het. Wanneer je gebruik maakt van een centrepull rem, heb je een kabeltje nodig van rembodyuiteind naar rembodyuiteind. Dát is em nou net. In 2 lengtesMore info & order
DiaCompe 1281 Cablestop frontFront cable hanger Fork mounted steel brake hanger Fits to caliper holeMore info & order
Diacompe Brakehanger 1255De platte kabelstop van Diacompe. Voor weer montage op je voorvork. Met fijnafstelling.More info & order