Tanaka Graveller OS Bottle Cage Stainless SteelStainless steel bottle cage made with extra stiff 6mm OD tubing. – Weight: 77g – Semi-polish finish – Made in JapanMore info & order
Tanaka GravellerTanaka Graveller OS Multi-Placement Bottle Cage Stainless Steel Stainless steel bottle cage made with extra stiff 6mm OD tubing. – Three sets of holes for multi-position mounting – Weight: 83g – Semi-polish finish – Made in JapanMore info & order
Tanaka Bottle Cage DromedaryStainless steel, for large water bottles, Nalgene, Kanteen, with the beautiful 8 moves system, so it always fits. Designed for bottles with a diameter of 9 cm such as the Nalgene liter bottle • Tubular stainless steel construction • Two different mounting positions • Suitable for bottles with a diameter of 9 cm and a height of 45 cm at the “shoulder” • Made in JapanMore info & order
Tanaka Eight Moves Bottle CageThe Eight Moves bottle cages has eight mounting slots to allows to be adjusted up and down to make room for another cage or a frame bag, etc. The "No-Bend" version does not have the "hook" on the back that common bottle cages have. This allows this cages to fit a variety of non-bike specific bottles such as a Klean Kanteen Classic Insulated 20 oz or a Hydroflask Standard Mouth Vacuum 24 oz. (A Volle strap is recommended to keep the bottle from popping out on rough pavement.) • Aluminum construction • Bolts not included • Made in Japan More info & order
Salsa Anything CageWith Salsa's Anything Cage, you can easily carry gear, like insulated Nalgene bottles, a small tent, or sleeping bag on your bicycle! This durable aluminum rack is designed for Salsa bicycles with their 3-hole high/low bottle mounts. It also attaches to standard bicycles with 2-hole bottle mounts simply by zip tying the rack's third foot. Cinching nylon straps are included for securing your items to the rack.More info & order
Crescent Sideloading Bottle CageHaving a difficult to access water bottle is a pain! So whether your bike is on the smaller size or you have a frame bag taking up main triangle space, the Crescent Cage the most versatile and best looking side-loading cage out there. The Crescent Cage is made from stainless steel and accepts standard-diameter water bottles. With mild pressure, it is able to be adjusted slightly wider or narrower for dialing in how tight you want your bottle. Available in both left-exit and right-exit versions, pick the model that works best for your bike! Pro-tip: if you want both to exit on the driveside (for example), get one Right (for the downtube) and one Left (for the seattube).More info & order
Silca ROYAL PURPLE TITANIUM CAGE• Seamless 3-2.5 titanium tubing • 30 g • 21mm fore/aft adjustment • Hand bent in Indianapolis • Easy in-and-out • Extremely secure design • Laser welded • Optimized for purist bottlesMore info & order
Tanaka Duralumin bottlecageThe Tanaka duralumin bottle cages are made of a lightweight and durable alloy called duralumin. They are designed to hold standard water bottles securely while cycling and are a popular choice among professional and recreational riders. They are also known for their sleek and stylish appearance, as duralumin has a silver finish that adds a touch of class to any bike. They are typically lightweight and easy to install, making them a practical choice for anyone looking to upgrade their bike's bottle cage system. 44gram.More info & order
Retro CageThese cages are based on an old French design from the '40s or early '50s. In our estimation, they are the best looking bottle cages of all time. The Retro is a regular one-handed cage; you insert the bottle just like in any other cage, but it holds the bottle very securely due to the spring-like shape. You can spread the cage for an oversized bottle, or squeeze the cage inward for a better fit with (for instance) a metal water bottle. Retro cages are made by hand from a single length of 3mm stainless steel rod and then electro-polished. If you examine it closely from all angles you'll see that it is, indeed, hand made. There are two versions of our cage. This is "Type II," with a tab on the back to hold smaller and regular plastic bottles securely. "Type I" has no tab, which is the traditional design and is the better option if you're using taller metal water bottles such as the 27oz Klean Kanteen.More info & order
Moderniste Stainless Steel Bottle CageThe Moderniste Bottle Cage continues to be a favorite for retro and contemporary bikes. The elegant, minimalist design securely holds a plastic or stainless steel water bottle. This beautifully polished cage is made from lightweight, tubular stainless steel, so it is strong and exceptionally lightweight (43g). The cage can also be squeezed inward or expanded to get the perfect fit for your preferred water bottle. Available in Polished Silver and Smooth Noir.More info & order
Mojave Water Bottle CageCarrying enough water on longer rides can be a problem. This is especially true for touring cyclists in the southwest as well as parts of the world where potable water sources are far apart. We designed the Mojave cage to fit 32oz Nalgene bottles, 32 oz insulated Klean Kanteen bottles, and 40oz Klean Kanteen stainless steel bottles. The mounting tab has 5 holes to allow you to mount it in three positions, higher or lower as best fits your frame. You can also mount it on newer frames with three water bottle screw bosses. Construction is all stainless steel. One caveat, the Klean Kanteen bottle is pretty tall, about 29cm with the sport top. It may not fit inside the main triangle of smaller frames. The Nalgene is shorter, but doesn't offer a sport top. Weight is 158 gr. Available in Polished Silver and Smooth Noir.More info & order
Nitto bottlecage TMooi, mooier mooist. Nitto Bidonhouder 'T'. Fraai stukje werk uit Japan. Je bidon zit stevig vast en je moet even mikken om em er goed in te stoppen. Handgemaakt, lichtgewicht 54gram, TigGelast, RVS.More info & order