Gravelking Slick 48-584

For those who want to push the limits on their two-wheelers and venture onto trails that are a little too wild for a standard road tire, the GravelKings were created.

The GravelKing SK is exactly what you expect from a tire suitable for gravel. There is no defined terrain for which it is intended. It is designed to excel on any kind of surface and to impress even when the demands are as diverse as the gravel scene itself. The compactly placed studs on the tread provide excellent grip with minimal rolling resistance. The long studs on the shoulders provide much-needed grip when cornering quickly on gravel paths and asphalt.

A balanced rubber compound for durability and grip, an anti-puncture casing for puncture protection and a special casing construction make the GravelKing series tires perfect for any adventure.

And let's take a look at the technologies these tires incorporate:

TLC (Tubeless Compatible): Allows you to use the tires even without inner tubes, just with sealant.
Anti-Flat (Anti-Flat Casing): This reinforces the entire tire to increase resistance to punctures.
ZSG Natural (Zero Slip Grip Natural Compound): This rubber compound offers extremely low rolling resistance and long life.
AX-Alpha (Advanced Extra Alpha Cord): Thin wires are tightly woven into the carcass, making the tire resistant to cuts without the weight and flex

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