Utility Rack

The Utility Rack is designed to integrate seamlessly with our Riser and Flat Utility Bars (sold seperately) and is perfect for a large variety of bags and cargo. Simply strap down your backpack, basket, cardboard box, 12 pack, or whatever and get to it!

The Utility Rack is able to be mounted using 4 points to your Utility Bar in two orientations:

Tall and Shallow: Great for upright, shorter bags such as a backpacks or a loaded-up Biggish Bag, this orientation allows more vertical adjustment options, useful for folks who need a higher or lower than regular orientation for their front luggage. 20cm x 28.5cm wide.

Low and Long: The better option for those looking to support bags or baskets that require a wider base platform, this orientation uses the larger of the useable platforms of the rack, and gives the structure a lower profile, adding to your luggage's accessibility from the saddle. 15cm x 28.5cm wide.

The rack features eyelets in both orientations for light mounting, and can support up to 15lbs when mounted at all 4 points on a Utility Bar.

Available in two finishes, Silver and Black. Weight: 546g.