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Velo Orange Grand Cru Fluted Triple CranksetThis triple crankset from Velo Orange is a must have for any cyclist taking on any hills. It is durable, and looks good. Cold forged from 7075 aluminum alloy. The rings are thicker so they don't flex as on classic cranks. The outer rings have modern shifting aids such as ramps and pins, so shifting performance is much improved. All stainless hardware with allen head nuts/bolts. Includes aluminum machined dust caps and BB bolts. Dust caps function as self extracting crank hardware. Available with different crankarm lengths (165mm, 170mm, 175mm). Teeth: 48/34/24 BCD: 110 mm, 74 mm Q Factor: 160mm Speeds: 6-10 compatible Taper: JIS square taper BB Size: 124mm for most bikes Pedal Threading: 9/16"More info & order
SchlumpfdriveSpeed-drive makes the chainring spinning at a higher rate. This means, that a 38 tooth chainring, if speed-drive is engaged, works like a 1.65 times larger one (63 tooth chainring). If you have a 44 tooth chainring, with speed-drive engaged this chainring would equal a huge 73 tooth chainring. That's why speed-drive is often used for fast bikes like recumbents, or folding bikes, where it compensates for the small rear wheel.More info & order
Schlumpf MountainDriveMountain-drive reduces speeds by a factor of 2.5. With mountain-drive there is normally no overlap between gears. Mountain-drive enables you to climb steepest hills with your bike. If possible, take a slightly bigger chainring (2 or 4 teeth larger) to get higher gears as well as lower ones.More info & order