Nitto CAMPEE FrontIn the dynamic world of cycling, where every pedal stroke tells a story and every road carries an adventure, this front carrier introduces a new chapter in the saga of travel on two wheels. A true alchemist who transforms the gravel paths into golden routes of delight, this rack provides a stage for the traveler to thrive in his wanderings. With its sturdy construction and robust design, this rack is ready to take on the challenges of any journey, whether braving the rugged gravel roads of the backcountry or exploring the cobblestone streets of a quaint village. It provides not only a place to carry your luggage, but also a sense of freedom and independence that is essential for the modern traveler. ●Hollow steel ●Maximum load: 16 kg ●For 700c ●Mounting hole lamp holder: M5 ●Bracket for cantilever brake base included ●Fixing screws included ●L295 x B240 x H490mm ●Bottom plate: L200 x B95mm ●1.185kgMore info & order
NITTO NJ-89 NJS 25.4mmNITTO Stem for ahead. Approved by NJS for woman's keirin. Angle 73°, clamp diameter 25.4mm, Pivot diameter 28.6mm More info & order
NITTO UI-75 EX Silver 25.4mmNITTO stem for ahead. Aluminium forged anodized. Angle 83°, clamp diametre 25.4mm, Pivot diametre 28.6mm, 90mm 145g, 100mm 150gMore info & order
NITTO UI-85 EX SilverNITTO stem for ahead. Aluminium forged anodized. Angle 83mm, clamp diametre 26mm, Pivot diametre 28.6mm, 25.4mm with sim. More info & order
Nitto Barplug ColorBar plug for racing or MTB handlebars. Various diameters so can do both. Made of aluminum. With a color. So extra mojo. EC-01 inside 20-22mm outside 24mm Ø EC-02 inside 15.5-17mm outsite 24mm ØMore info & order
Nitto BarplugBarplug voor racestuur of MTB stuur. Diverse diameters dus kan allebei. Gemaakt van aluminium, dus heel degelijk en bombproof. EC-01 inside 20-22mm outside 24mm Ø EC-02 inside 15.5-17 mm outsite 24mm Ø More info & order
NITTO Craft-2Stem Cr-Mo steel chrome. Craft Piece of NITTO. Clamp diameter 25.4mm, Column diameter 22.2mm More info & order
Nitto NTC 150Stem aluminium forged. Angle 71°, Column 150mm/22.2mm, Clamp diameter 25.4mm More info & order
Nitto Technomic quillstem 225mmThis is the classic Nitto Technomic spindle. The total length of the spindle is 23 cm, the part above the dashes 15.5 cm, which is the maximum length it can reach from the headstock, and different lengths in the front. Forged aluminum, nicely finished. Handlebar diameter is 26.0 mm or 25.4 mm.More info & order
Nitto shims 25.4-26.0Adapter form stem 26mm to handlebar 25.4mm More info & order
Nitto bottlecage TMooi, mooier mooist. Nitto Bidonhouder 'T'. Fraai stukje werk uit Japan. Je bidon zit stevig vast en je moet even mikken om em er goed in te stoppen. Handgemaakt, lichtgewicht 54gram, TigGelast, RVS.More info & order
Nitto CablehangersKabelsstoppers voor aan de achterrem. Deze bevestig je doorgaans aan de zadelstropbout. (zie foto). In een paar uitvoeringen. More info & order