GrandBois MAES ItalianNitto M104-based brake cable-grooved handlebar. The basic style is the traditional Italian Cinelli/Giro-type bend, but the bulging handle is Granboa's basic specification. Of course, it has a polished finish and will shine if you polish it. Width 410 mm. Reach 96 mm. Drop 150 mm. Clamp diameter 26.0 mm. Weight: 316 g. Made in Japan.More info & order
HeadlightmountSimple but effective mounting for your headlight on the front of your fender. Make sure the headlight is light, otherwise it will wobble. Think of the Eyc from Busch and Muller. More info & order
Rear light USB rechargeableClassical and compact design Uses high-quality steel Versatile micro USB Type-C rechargeable The light body and pedestal are screw type, so you can easily remove them by turning them around. Includes M5 and M6 size bolts and washers respectively It can be installed in various places depending on the idea by using the attached bolts. More info & order
GrandBois Lierre 650×36B Route ForestiereA new variant of the classic GrandBois tire, namely the Lierre is now available. Based on the extra-legger model, an anti-puncture layer has been added to the tire so you can hit the road with a little less sticking. By the way, we ride surprisingly few punctures with the light version so it only gets better. Whereas; it combines the same weight and comfort as the standard model but with high durability for riding on dirt roads deep in the mountains according to GrandBois. Made in Japan at Panaracer. Weight 380g/RF More info & order
GrandBois Hetre 650x42B Route ForrestiereA new variant of the classic Grand Bois tire Hetre is now available. Based on the extra-loyal model, a side-cut and puncture-resistant carcass has been added all around. It has the same weight and comfort as the standard model, but combines high durability for safe riding on unpaved forest roads deep into the mountains. r made in Japan at Panaracer Weight: 420g/RF More info & order
Blacklight TL-06DThe original dynamo-powered tail light "Kimura TL06" from Grandbois has a built-in capacitor. The light stays on for about 5 minutes after stopping riding. The lights are powered by the hub dynamo, so you can keep riding without worrying about a dead battery. ・Kimura dynamo power supply type rear lamp LED single light type For 6V alternator ・Equipped with a capacitor ・Standlight function ( keeps shining even after the power supply is stopped) Comes with M5 perforated mounting bolts. It can be mounted on an M6 base, but expansion of mounting holes and M6 mounting bolts are required separately.More info & order
GrandBois Chainring Cinqfeuille NarrowideFront sprocket from the Grandbois stable. A chainring with a beautiful embossed leaf pattern. By adopting a narrow wide tooth shape, you can pedal without the chain falling off, even with a single blade. 36T. Weight 86g. Polished finish. Cranks for 5 fish like Sun xcd, TA, StrongLight 49d, etc. are suitable.More info & order
GrandBois MaesModernA handlebar with a groove for brake cables based on Nitto M106. It is a trendy anatomical shallow curve, but it is an excellent handlebar with GrandBois' basic specifications. Width: 410 mm  Reach: 78 mm Drop: 128 mm Clamp diameter: 26.0 mm Weight: 318 g / 410 mm Made in Japan.More info & order
Grand Bois Cypres 650b x 3232mm. 260 gram = EL STD = 310 gr.More info & order
Grand Bois Col de La Madeleine 700c x 23The narrowest tire that Gand Bois has to offer. Supple and thin-walled, it weighs just 230 g in the standard version The Col de la Madeleine in the Extra Light version offers a weight reduction of 20%, tipping the scales at 192 g, making it a viable weight-weenie option. made in Japan, using Panasonic's patented Poly technology.More info & order
Grand Bois Cerf Bleu 700c x 26At 26 millimeters wide, this tire will fit a lot of road bikes.The extra volume guarantees a very high level of comfort and offers a super supple ride. Weight standard version: 245g Weight Extra Light version: 190g More info & order
Grand Bois Cerf Vert 700c x 28The inspiration for Jan Heine's poducts. This is the original by the great people at Grand Bois. Supple tires like these just sail across the tarmac and offer a high level of comfort, making you last the distance. A slight trade-off in puncture resistance.But what's an adventure without the occasional puncture, right? made in Japan by Panaracer. 28 mm width Standard version: 265g Extra light version:210gMore info & order