Handlebar end plugs BerthoudMade of full-grain cowhide like our saddles, these handlebar covers are a perfect addition to handlebars, mud flaps and, of course, saddles. They have a perfect fit thanks to a screwed silicone end cap. This version is also available in natural leather, black leather or brown leather. MTB = ø22.2 & Race ø24.More info & order
Berthoud saddlecoverSaddle cover made of ultra-light, waterproof and tear-resistant polyester. Made in the workshop in Fleurville, Burgundy. Ideal for protecting the Soulor/Galibier or Aspin/Aravis when transporting your bike, storing it outside or riding in heavy rain. For the most minimalist cyclists who ride without fenders, we recommend our "integral" model that completely encases the saddle for maximum splash protection. A highly recommended investment to keep your leather clean even in the harshest conditions. The "integral" model Integrated saddle cover, made of ultra-light, waterproof and tear-resistant polyester. Made in our workshops in Fleurville, Burgundy. Ideal for protecting racing models (Soulor/Galibier) or touring models (Aspin/Aravis). This model is distinguished by the cord that you can pull so that the cover better encloses the saddle. A bit more expensive, a bit more chic. More info & order
Barplug CNCPair of handlebar caps with machined and then anodized aluminum cap, leather finishing pad and our iconic engraved brass spacer, which can be found in our leather saddle range. Suitable for most handlebars (inner diameter of approximately 18 to 22 mm). Assembly with Torx 20 keyMore info & order
Berthoud Rohloff shifterDeveloped and manufactured in-house Handlebar for operating integrated Rohloff gear hubs, consisting of three removable parts to allow mounting on curved handlebars. Changing the cables is very easy, no need to open the handle. The ergonomic shape of the rotating part makes it easy to hold. Made of aluminum, fully CNC milled. Supplied with a Ø24 ring for road handlebars and Ø22 for MTB type, making it possible to convert a Twister for 22 handlebars to 24 and vice versa. Note: Not compatible with oversized road handlebars (Ø31.75 stem).More info & order
Berthoud mudflap model <2021Berthoud leather mudflaps, to accompany saddles and other Berthoud accessories. In thick leather, resistant, efficient and pleasing to the eye. Sold with the necessary bolts, stainless steel nuts and conical washers.More info & order
Berthoud mudflapMade from the same leather as our saddles for optimum use, you can colour coordinate with the rest of your accessories for the perfect finish and full protection for your feet, your drivetrain and your fellow cyclists! Including screws for mounting on the mudguard: - 2 x engraved brass cups - 2 x M4x12mm screws - 2 x washers Ø4x16mm - 1 x M4 lock nuts There are 2 sizes, long (25 cm) and short (16.5 mm). Long is handy at the back, short at the front. Or a set...More info & order
Berthoud bartapeThe handlebar tape is calfskin, soft and supple, for a wrinkle-free fit and a velvety feel. Like our leather saddles, the handlebars will develop a patina over time, darkening the most stressed areas. - 30mm tape width - Thickness in the middle approx. 2mm - Tape in the middle - Tapered edges for perfect overlap Supplied with instructions, Nikwax® impregnation cream to apply during assembly and stopper strips. Our bartape is supplied without end caps.More info & order
Berthoud fendersLike the other products, the stainless steel mudguards are manufactured in the Fleurville workshop in Burgundy. Stainless steel, black coating. In the short version. Durable, solid and enveloping, they effectively protect the cyclist, the bike and other cyclists. The rolled edge along the entire length of the profile prevents water from escaping from the sides and also allows the passage of a lighting wire. 509g without mounting kit. This mudguard set comes with rods and clips. More info & order
Leather Conditioner - 50mLLeather conditioner to apply on top of the leather only. To restore and maintain a high shine, apply the product without excess with a clean, dry and lint free cloth and gently polish the leather.More info & order
Berthoud Cycles Saddle WaxSaddle wax is indispensable for a saddle. The wax will help keep the leather nice and soft and will repel water. More info & order
Berthoud Cycles Aravis OpenThe cutout in the leather top gives an even more comfortable ride releasing pressure on the pudendal nerve and thus reducing risks of saddle sore and genital numbness. Besides it further shortens the break-in period required. The Gilles Berthoud Aspin touring saddle is manufactured in house from thick natural vegetable tanned leather. It is pre-softened to shorten the break-in period. The bolt assemblies at the rear of the saddle are situated behind the area on which the cyclist sits. No risk of damaging your cycling shorts or your skin! Backplate made of technical material providing solidity and flexibility for maximum comfort. Loops for a saddle bag. Grooves and threaded inserts for a Klick-Fix system. Easy to disassemble thanks to an ingenious system of stainless steel bolts which fit into special-shaped brass washers. The cone-shaped washers fit snuggly into the leather avoiding any risk of damage. Rails made of polished titanium.The rails have a relatively long straight part giving saddle setback adjustment. Patented tension system. No special tool is required to adjust the tension, a 5mm Allen key is enough. Each saddle is individually marked with an unique serial number etched on the brass washer on top of the nose. The leather density fluctuates between hides so the saddle weight can vary. More info & order
Berthoud Cycles AravisDesigned with randonneuring and long distance riding in mind, this model will give you maximum comfort with a slightly angled torso position. This high end version with titanium rails is lighter than our classic stainless steel rails and offers superior vibration dampening. - Width : 157mm - Titanium rails Also available with open leather.More info & order