Gevenalle AudaxIf you are looking for reliability, durability, simplicity and the peace of mind that you won’t be let down on your next AUDAX or Reliability Trial then this is where you start. Our integrated shifters loaded with Dia-Compe friction shift levers. This is as simple and maintenance free as it gets. Purchase without Dia-Compe levers if you want to use some of your own shift levers – Compatible units include Shimano 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 speed bar-end and down-tube shifters. Our original product! These now carry our GEVENALLE and original “”RETROSHIFT”” branding. Ride with pride! Available with or without shift levers with SILVER brake levers. Also available without shift levers with BLACK brake levers.More info & order
Gevenalle CX shimano compatibleDe CX serie is voor de racederailleurs van shimano. Rem/versteller combinatie. Van Gevenalle, vroeger Retroshift. De versteller zitten voorop je remgrepen. Werkt met frictie of geindexeerd. Heeft z'n oorsprong in de cyclocross, daar moeten de dingen wel eenvoudig en een beetje hp (hufterproof) zijn. En dat is gelukt bij deze combinatie. Gaat het stuk, je kunt het ook weer repareren. Nix geen planned obsolescense. De verstelliers komen uit de microshift fabriek, de remgrepen uit de Tektro. Er is een short pull en een long pull versie. Longpull gebruiken we voor disk en V-brake. Shortpull voor zijoptrekremmen en cantilever. More info & order
Gevenalle GX shimano compatibleCombination brake/gear shift device. From Gevenalle, formerly Retroshift. This GX series is for Shimano dyna-sys derailleurs. The adjustment device is located in front of your brake levers. Works with friction or indexed. It has its origins in cyclocross, where things have to be simple and a bit hp (hufterproof). And this combination does just that. If it breaks down, you can fix it again. No planned obsolescence. The adjusters come from the microshift factory, the brake levers from Tektro/TRP. There is a shortpull and a longpull version. Longpull we use for the disc and V-brake. Shortpull for side pull and cantilever brakes. Dyna-sys according to Shimano itself: SHIMANO presents the drive technology for mountain bikes: DYNA-SYS. This revolutionary technology uses a 10-speed cassette, but that is not the only feature of this system. It is a completely redesigned drive system that creates real added value for the rider. It's not just about an extra gear... It's about smaller gears for smoother shifting and better power transfer. It's about riding with optimized gear combinations that increase efficiency and durability. It's about performance: DYNA-SYS offers a more stable drive system for all types of riders!More info & order