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HONJO H-31 650b 45mm beveledBeveled fender with 45mm width. For the slightly narrower tire... With all mounting materials.More info & order
HONJO H-31C Hammered 700CAluminium polish Hammered, wide 45 mm, height 20 mm for 700x28-35C, R358x950(FR)x1200(RE). Fixation set, 1 pair of U stay 5mm, 4 tightening stays Maki (roll), 2 hangers, 2 tighting stay-fender.More info & order
Honjo mudflapHONJO PE syntetic flap, easy to mount on fender. Solid with weather, dirt. Sold by 2 sets included 4 bolt-nuts. L; Wide 80mm, Length 140mm, More info & order
Honjo Daruma boltU-Stay fixing brass, 5mm by allen key. Sold by 4 pieces with 1 allen key, 4 leather washers More info & order
Honjo H27Aluminium polish Hammered, wide 35 mm, height 17 mm for 700x23-28C, R358x840(FR)x1200(RE). Fixation set, 1 pair of stay 4mm, 4 tightening stays Maki (roll), 2 hangers, 2 tighting stay-fender.More info & order
Honjo H-50 650bThe H50 fender set from Honjo is one of the legendary highly polished classics from Japan. The fenders cover a tire width of up to 41 mm. Due to the particularly wide profile, water is perfectly collected in the sheet metal. This means that feet and cranks also remain dry. In addition, Honjo's handmade fenders have a classy look and a low weight. With mounting material 52mm wide. Length front 95cm and rear 1250mm.More info & order
Honjo GB650MLThis is a rare full scale hammered fender that will completely cover the size 42B Be Beautiful and Be Strong tires. These are original Grandbois patterns made by completely remaking the mold with special care. The hammered pattern, which is slightly smaller than other Honjo fenders, elegantly sums up the impression of the bike and enhances its beauty. Made of aluminum with a polished finish. 650x42B. Front and rear set (without accessories). Width 62mm, height 31 and length 96cm front and 125cm rear. Not drilled.More info & order
HONJO H-50 Hammered 650b Honjo Fender hammered 650bx32-42 More info & order
Honjo H-80 650bEen spatbord met een gepolijste aluminium afwerking die glanst bij het poetsen. Controleer het type frame en de bandenmaat die u gebruikt voordat u een keuze maakt. Voor 650x42B. Set voor en achter. Met montagematerieaal, zoals stangen en P clips. De spatbordlipjes moet je apart aanschaffen. Net als de gaatjes, die moet je zelf boren.More info & order
Honjo H-29 650bJapanse spatborden, wie wil dat niet. Honjo's kenmerken zich door de klassieke look, goede pasvorm en ze zijn licht in gewicht. Alle bevestigingsmaterialen zitten er bij. 450gram. P-clip bevestiging breedte: 43 mm lengte voor: 930 mm lengte achter: 1200 mm gemaakt van: aluminiumMore info & order
Honjo H-58 700cBeetje de oude Raleigh/BSA look, deze fraaie fender van Honjo. 43mm breedte, alu uitgevoerd en uit Japan. Mét alle hardware. lengte voor 83cm lengte achter 120cm More info & order
Honjo H3 700c SmoothAluminium polish smooth, wide 30 mm, height 15 mm for 700x23-25C, Fixation set, 1 pair of stay 4mm, 4 tightening stays Maki (roll), 2 hangers, 2 tighting stay-fender.More info & order