Silca ROYAL PURPLE TITANIUM CAGE• Seamless 3-2.5 titanium tubing • 30 g • 21mm fore/aft adjustment • Hand bent in Indianapolis • Easy in-and-out • Extremely secure design • Laser welded • Optimized for purist bottlesMore info & order
IMPERO ULTIMATE FRAME PUMPThe perfect roadside option when a mini-pump just takes too long. The classic option for mobile inflation has been updated to use a two stage gasket, leather piston, and has a snug fit on the frame.More info & order
SILCA TATTICOThe most efficient mini pump of its size according to independent test. Never get caught without reliable roadside inflation again by having the Tattico mounted to your bike or in your jersey pocket. • 100psi • 9.5" • 165g • Includes direct-mount bracket • Extractable filler hose • Locking Presta/Schrader chuck • 6061 Aluminum barrel TATTICO has 4 unique features: Inverted Design: TATTICO is designed backwards from most pumps. The hose and valving is hidden inside the inner tube rather than the outer cylinder delivering up to 10% more air per stroke compared to pumps of similar length. Adaptable Cup Seal: Other pumps seal with o-rings which lose effectiveness as friction heat increases. The TATTICO Adaptable Cup Seal grows with the tube resulting in ultimate efficiency at all temperatures. Hidden Heat Sink: There is a heat sink hidden at the end of the barrel which absorbs a high percentage of heat generated when pumping. This keeps the rest of the pump cool, even at high pressures. Twin Tube Insulated Grip: TATTICO handle uses 2 thin tubes separated by an insulating air gap to keep hands cool. This results in better grip and control without risk to hands even when inflating multiple tires to high pressures.More info & order
Silca Sicuro bottlecageVolgens TwoTone, en die hebben er verstand van. De SICURO Titanium borduurt verder op SILCA’s klassieke Ti bidonhouder met hun kenmerkende oog voor detail. Elke houder komt handgemaakt uit het hoofdkantoor van SILCA in Indianapolis. Ook het productieproces is verbeterd met een ultra moderne laser lasser. Hiermee zijn ze de eerste in de industrie. De houders bestaan uit lichtste in zijn soort titanium buizen van kwaliteit die gebruikelijke is in de ruimtevaart. De unieke ovale oogjes bieden fietsers de mogelijkheid om de bidonhouder op verschillende manieren te monteren zodat ze op elk frame passen. De SICURO Ti bidonhouders zijn onderdeel van de zogenaamde Ultimate productlijn en vallen onder de Shield garantie. Dit betekent dat SICLA garandeert dat de producten meer dan 25 mee gaan. Ze vertrouwen erop dat het gebruikte titanium met precisie laswerk alles zullen doorstaan. Nadat het buigen en lassen klaar is poetst SILCA de houders met de hand op, voorziet ze van het logo voordat ze ingepakt en verscheept worden. Specificaties Naadloze 3-2.5 titanium buizen Uitgebreide afstel montage Low-profile 6-4 titanium bevestigings bouten 29 gram zonder bouten Voor de zwarte geldt, De zwarte Cerakote-coating geeft het een coating die geen slijtage vertoont, zelfs niet na het inbrengen en verwijderen van 10.000 flessen. Het is niet schurend en slechts 1 micron dik, dus het zal ook geen vlekken op uw flessen achterlaten.More info & order
SILCA Pista floorpumpThe iconic SILCA Pista Floor Pump. Trusted by pro mechanics for decades. This high performance and durable pump is built to last lifetimes, not years. The SILCA PISTA is a cycling icon. • Durable steel barrel • 2% accurate gauge • Compact Ash wood handle • High efficiency 731 leather gasket • Brass check valve • Classic SILCA press on chuck • Rated to 220psi Originally designed in the 1950's when the Bianchi-Pirelli team requested a pump that could fit under the rear seat of the Fiat team car, the Pista pump quickly became an icon of professional team cars and mechanic workstations at 6-Day track events around the world. The compact form of the pump, and ability to lay completely flat, allow the pump to take up minimal space in a trunk, duffel bag, or larger tool kit, making it a true icon of the sport amongst the cycling cognoscenti. In 2017, we took all of the qualities of the original Pista and introduced a re-engineered, limited-edition version of the pump with the iconic Molteni orange barrel to celebrate 100 years in business. These modern orange pumps were initially meant to be a limited-release product to celebrate our heritage, but the positive response and demand for the product has continued. As we’re now in our second century of making high-performance pumps, we’re pleased to make Pista part of our permanent floor pump line-up and will offer it in a modern red livery moving forward.More info & order