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Panaracer Gravelking

The GravelKings are made for cyclists who want to broaden their horizons and use trails that get too crazy for normal road tires.

The GravelKing Slick is the closest thing to a conventional road tire. However, the fine tread structure, the available tire widths and better puncture protection make it noticeably superior in terms of grip, comfort and safety.

A balanced rubber compound ensures that durability is not neglected with good grip. Carcass puncture protection and a special carcass construction make the GravelKing series tires perfect for getting anywhere in one piece.

- TLC (Tubeless Compatible): The tire can also be driven with sealing milk instead of an inner tube.
- Anti-Flat (Anti-Flat Casing): Reinforcement of the entire tire to increase resistance to cuts and punctures.
- ZSG Natural (Zero Slip Grip Natural Compound): rubber compound that is characterized by very low rolling resistance and a long service life.
- AX-alpha (Advanced Extra Alpha Cord): Extremely thin threads are tightly woven into the carcass and increase resistance to cuts without negatively affecting weight and flexibility.

Made in Japan - this is what sets this and over 90% apart from the other Panaracer tire range. This ensures excellent production quality using the most advanced materials.

folding tire.