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SONdelux wide body

We are excited about the new Wide-Body SON Delux hub dynamo. With it, you can enjoy a super strong wheel and still roll with the less resistance than other generator hubs. When Schmidt Maschinenbau developed the standard SON Delux hub dynamo, they optimized the hub's performance in every way. The Delux is the lightest hub dynamo, with the lowest resistance, ever made. Modern LED lights driven by the Delux hub are sufficiently bright even at low speeds. The SON28 can be useful if you ride slowly and need to charge electronic devices such as cell phones or GPS systems while you have your lights on. Schmidt has managed to increase the flange spacing to 68 mm. This is not only 18 mm wider than the standard Delux hub (top left), but even 6 mm wider than the SON28. Schmidt designed the "Wide-Body" hub to fit tightly around the generator. There seems to be less air volume than on the SON28.
The differences in a row... widebody vs delux....
Wider flange spacing: 68 mm (50 mm)
Stainless steel shaft (aluminum with stainless steel end caps)
Weight: 412 g (386 g)
All other specifications (power, resistance) are exactly the same.
(The steel shaft also provides peace of mind, although none of the aluminum shafts have failed so far)